Trueself Points Rewards Rule

Description of Trueself Points Rule

I. What is Trueself Points?

  • Definition of Trueself points: Trueself points are only available on the website, and It is a reward for Trueself members to complete their personal information, comments, feedback, online purchase of Trueself products and other related activities.
  • Validity period of Trueself points: Points can be accumulated, valid for 2 years, and will automatically become invalid after expiration.
  • Points consumption rule: When members use points, priority is given to points with a shorter expiration date.

II. How to get Trueself Points?

There are five ways to get points:

  • Complete 100% of personal information: 100 points can be awarded for 100% integrity of “Account details” in the “My Account”, and each member can only get 100 points once.
  • Complete mobile phone verification for the first time: the first time you successfully bind the mobile phone number, you can get 100 points, and each member can only get one time.
  • Online purchase of Trueself products: If you purchase Trueself products on Trueself website, you can get corresponding points, 1 Dollar =1 point. The points will be automatically issued to the purchaser’s account within 24 hours after the purchaser confirms receipt, and the buyer can inquire in the details of the points.
  • If you participate in online activities of Trueself, you can get bonus points, such as: questionnaire and other activities etc. The points obtained shall be subject to the rules of each activity.
  • Feedback of shopping orders: After the purchase of products and confirmation of receipt, members can give feedback. If there is a Before and After picture of using PLLA products in the feedback, the photos with good quality can be rewarded with 50 points each.

III. How to use Trueself points?

  • Trueself members can use Trueself points to deduct cash when buying goods on Trueself website. It can be used for activity goods, and can be used in combination with coupons. The credit ratio is: 10 Points = 1 Dollar.

IV. Special instructions on Trueself points rules

  • In the process of obtaining and using points, if there is any violation (such as cheating, malicious cash out, etc.), Trueself will cancel your eligibility to obtain points, and have the right to take back the points obtained in the activity (including the points used and unused), and will be investigated for legal liability if necessary.
  • If the user’s account is suspended, Trueself will cancel the use rights related to Trueself points in the user’s account.
  • Points cannot be cashed and cannot be transferred.