Poly L-lactic acid

Pakage and specification      

2 vials/box
120mg freeze-dried powder/vials
60mg Poly-L-Lactic Acid
60mg micromolecule hyaluronic acid
Diluted with 3-5ml of injection water
PLLA microspheres size 3-10 μm


Trueself 120
Safety And Advantage

   3-10um microparticle

poly-L-lactic acid

The smallest particle of 7um on average can reduce the
risk of nodules, and it is easy to dissolve and operate,
with diversified operation methods and locations.

   Hydrophilic group with

unique HAPformula

Using HAP as a hydrophilic group can reduce the
stimulation of tissues by other organic solvents, and avoid
inflammatory reactions.

   Poly L-lactic acid and

HAP copolymerization

Polymeric biomaterials in molecular grade
copolymerization, it makes poly-L-lactic acid full
hydrophilic and more evenly distributed.

   The most advanced dermal matrix

therapy composite biomaterial

Poly L-lactic acid stimulates the regeneration of collagen, HAP fills the volume
in real time during the treatment, and the combination of the two materials
produces a continuous effect.