Trueself Poly L-lactic acid 400

Poly L-lactic acid

Pakage and specification

2 vials/box
400mg freeze-dried powder/vials(PLLA)
Diluted with 8-12ml of injection water
PLLA microspheres size 3-10 μm
Trueself 400 uses the poly-L-lactic acid ultrafine particles which was created by Chinese and American scientists and experts. They have accumulated more than 20 years of laboratory and clinical experience. The particle size of Trueself poly-L-lactic acid is 3-10um (average particle size: 7um), it is also the smallest particle and the most uniform product in the global market.
Trueself 400 is mainly composed of poly-L-lactic acid, it helps rebuild lost collagen and make you younger. It can last for more than 25 months.


Safety And Advantage

3-10um microparticle poly-L-lactic acid

The smallest particle of 7um on average can reduce the risk of nodules, and it is easy to dissolve and operate, with diversified operation methods and locations.

Poly L-lactic acid combined with HAP

With HAP as dispersant, it has better dispersibility and suspension

Hydrophilic group with HAP

Using HAP as a hydrophilic group can reduce the stimulation of tissues by other organic solvents, and avoid inflammatory reactions.

Repetitive treatment can superimpose collagen regeneration

Poly L-lactic acid and HAP can be metabolized in tissues. Repetitive treatment can superimpose collagen regeneration. One course of treatment can keep at least 25 months.

Comparison Trueself Hyaluronic Acid
FUNCTION Gently fill the depressions,the skin become companct somooth,rejuvenescent,young,stimulate deep skin collagen and cell viability Filling effect only,fill depression with physical tissue,become laxity after filling
INDICATION Nasolabial folds, forehead, cheek, temple, mouth angle furrow, tear through and etc
Except nose,lips and jaw
DURATION 2.5 years(the longest term in absorble products 3-6 months
SENSE OF TOUCH Same as human body tissue,natural and ture foreign body sensation when touch
ADVERSE EVENT Necrosis(-), Blindness(-), Edema(-) Necrosis(+), Blindness(+), Edema(+)